Theming Drupal 8

Theme Folder Structure Theming Drupal 8 – Guide How to add in Drupal 8 a custom (suggestion) page template Drupal 8 custom page template Twig and Debugging Drupal 8 Theming Basics Locating Template Files with Debugging Clearing or rebuilding Drupal’s cache Regions: Theme Settings: Theme a contact form: Drupal 8 Theme a contact form Drupal Documents: …

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Get started with Drupal 8

1. Install Drupal 1.1 Download and extract Drupal 1.2 Create the Drupal database 1.3 Run the install script.

Next, grant write privileges to the file to everyone (including the web server) with the command:

Be sure to set the permissions back after the installation is finished! Sample command:

Write permissions after install. …

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