MongoDB and MySQL Compared

What is MySQL? MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is developed, distributed and supported by Oracle Corporation. Like other relational systems, MySQL stores data in tables and uses structured query language (SQL) for database access. In MySQL, you pre-define your database schema based on your requirements and set up rules …

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[Note] MySQL Architecture and Concepts

MySQL’s Logical Architecture The topmost layer contains the services that aren’t unique to MySQL. They’re services most network-based client/server tools or servers need: connection handling, authentication, security, and so forth. The second layer is where things get interesting. Much of MySQL’s brains are here, including  the  code  for  query parsing,  analysis,  optimization,  caching,  and  all  …

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[Ebook] Oreilly.High.Performance.MySQL

Dạo này gặp khá nhiều vấn đề với MySQL nên quyết định sẽ nghiên cứu thêm về nó và sau một hồi miệt mài với Mr.Google thì thấy cuốn ebook này mình cũng khá hợp ý. Mục đích cơ bản tại thời điểm hiện tại khi đọc cuốn sách này là: Kiến trúc, cách MySQL …

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Gift of Life

The next time you’re faced with something that’s unexpected, unwanted and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.